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Nice moves [trading day summary]


Hi. My posts are not that frequent, because of my dads healt problems. I do not want to write about my personal life because this is a trading blog. Just wanted to say that there are times when you need some extra cash – like in this example. I’m just glad that I can make… Read More

Week #9 summary


First, quick reminder. I added my trading tools (up in the menu) so you can use same tools as I. Eur/usd broke out of the range move. As you can see, correction stopped at 78% retracement line and near monthly pivot line. Eur/usd daily chart:

Eur/usd in range (trading day summary)


So todays news was a German decision to reject petition from Greece about debt extension. This affected some pairs, lets check how price action looked today. Eur/usd is still in range. Today’s range was between S1 and R1 lines. Nothing interesting on higher time frames (1-hour+). You could try to find trade opportunities on lower… Read More

Nice trend on usd/jpy, oil up


We saw today a nice trend on usd/jpy. Pair moved first to the 118.24 (low) and from there started to rally. In the end it was a move from daily S1 support up to the daily R3 resistance which is rare. Below usd/jpy on 1 hour:

Greece and problems with debt (and eurusd)


Today was an interesting day. We were waiting for results of talks between SYRIZA and troika. SYRIZA is making it clear that they want a debt reduction. For now talks failed, but we will see more of this show in near future. In the morning I was looking for a long trade (in the end… Read More

Trading week #05 summary


This was an interesting week. Lets check how it ended. eur/usd I mentioned that 1.14 may be a resistance for eur/usd. This pair started a week with move up, but 1.14 was a top of that move. Now eur/usd is going lower. We are talking here about 1.12 as a support and 1.14 as a… Read More

Daytrading summary – 27.01.2015


This is another trading day review where I try to sum up interesting moves and trades. eur/usd Another day when you could look for long opportunities. Few reasons for that. SNB told that intervention from SNB on swiss pairs is possible. Later during the day the numbers from USA were below expectations which gave another… Read More

Daytrading summary – 26.01.2015


It was all about euro after Greek voted for Syriza. This is a bad result for eurozone, because Syriza party wants to drop euro and go back to drahma. Eur/usd started day with a huge gap and all economy portals were reporting about euro getting hammered. What is interesting, 1.11 support hold and we saw… Read More

Week summary – after ECB decision


After mess with Swiss we had another big announcement – this time from european central bank. They announced expanded asset purchase programme, which in practice will probably make euro even weaker. The goal here is to help european economy. You can read more about fundamentals after that decision on many blogs and portals. Lets have… Read More

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