After this interesting week, lets check the current situation.

Eur/usd is bullish lately. For now it is fighting with resistance at 1.10 (and the cloud) which can be see on daily chart (it is where 0 Fibo line):


If eur/usd will brake above 1.10, then it is possible that the move can go up to the 161.8% or 200% extensions. When you check weekly chart, you can see that at these levels we have resistance from previous highs. Weekly eur/usd:



Gbp/usd is another story. It is very weak. Support at 1,45 did not hold. Now gpb/usd is near lows from 2010. If 1,42 will not hold, we can see move down to the 138.2% extension, which is near support from 2008. Monthly gbp/usd:


Gbp/jpy is another pair, where the only way to go is to go short. Since 2012 it was moving strong up, but 78.6 retracement was strong resistance. I marked it on monthly:


Current month is brutal for gbp/jpy, you can see that on daily:


OK, maybe something for bulls. Bund is going up since few weeks. When you check weekly chart, you can see that after brake above cloud bulls took over control here. It is possible that this move will go up to the recent high at 161.6. Weekly Bund:



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