It depends on trader and strategy. Some scalpers prefer to take just small profit of few pips. The common range is somewhere between 10-30 pips, but some traders prefer to scalp 2-5 pips. I personally do not have a problem to hold trade little bit longer if I see a strong trend.

How may pairs at once

If you are new to scalping then most definitely only one. You have to react fast, follow the price action. It is hard to do that, even with few monitors on board. The other reason is eduaction. Every pair can act a little bit different, trading can be different. It is hard to create and improve your trading strategy when you trade few pairs at the same time.

Of course, you can trade few pairs, but first, you should be profitable when you trade only one. Them, if you feel confident to trade more then go and try it.

Anyway, your choice will be narrowed down to few pairs with best trading conditions (spread, volatility). Remember that these pairs are connected with each other. In the example, when there is some big news about dollar then it can affect both EUR/USD and USD/JPY at the same time. So in many cases, it does not help if you trade similar pairs.

The higher time frame is also important to remember. You should kwow what is going on on highest TFs. If you want to trade few pairs, you have to follow few higher time frames. For new traders that might be confusing.

How many pips

Think about profit and not about a number of pips. In some situations, you trade with bigger leverage and it is ok to take a quick profit. Sometimes trend will be stronger, important support and resistance lines far away and it will be wise to hold on to trade a little bit longer. So no one magic value here.

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